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Waypoint Navigator and ProForms

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Waypoints’ lead capture tools are a must-have for senior living providers. Our customizable Navigator and high-converting ProForms are designed to engage and convert potential customers with top Call-to-Actions (CTAs) and effective prospect data collection. 

The Navigator combines forms, live chat, virtual tour solutions, scheduling tools, and assessments into a user-friendly interactive tool, allowing visitors to interact, self-serve, and convert in their preferred way.

ProForms are a great way to capture prospect data and can be customized to match your website’s branding. These tools are essential for sales teams to engage potential leads. Improve your website lead capture with Waypoint.


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Streamline lead capture with an all-in-one solution

Experience conversion rates of 18 to 42%, significantly higher than traditional 'Contact Us' forms. Integrate with your favorite content and engagement technologies. Experience seamless engagement and consistent conversion, and see your sales funnel expand.

Fuel sales teams with actionable data.

With Waypoint's Analytics Dashboard and performance reports, unlock the power to optimize strategies, track success, and boost conversion rates effectively.

Maximize marketing ROI with valuable insights.

With Waypoint's Analytics Dashboard and performance reports, unlock the power to optimize strategies, track success, and boost conversion rates effectively.

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Waypoint is the ultimate solution for customizable, engaging experiences that keep visitors hooked. Wave goodbye to boring bot interfaces and say hello to a competitive edge. Don’t let prospects leave your website. Choose Waypoint today and see the difference it can make for your business!

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Listen to what our customers are saying

You have created a tool that helps our sales team have valuable conversations with people looking for senior living." Liberty Senior living

The implementation of live chat on our SRI Senior Living communities' websites, combined with other web navigator options, has allowed us to tailor and optimize our digital marketing and sales approach by seamlessly meeting consumers at every stage of their sales journey. For those who prefer to explore independently, our self-serve options provide a wealth of information and resources, empowering them to make informed decisions at their own pace. Meanwhile, the live Juvo chat offers an immediate, personalized connection for individuals with specific questions or urgent needs, ensuring they receive the timely assistance they require. This dual approach not only enhances the customer experience but also optimizes engagement and conversion, catering to the diverse preferences of our audience and driving greater satisfaction and occupancy rates. SRI Management

You engage my website visitors and solve my problem of consumers leaving my website and you give insights to my salespeople taking the mystery out of the first call.” LCB Senior Living

We immediately saw a 20% increase in website leads by adding the Navigator to all of our community websites." Charter Senior Living
Working with Waypoint has helped Maplewood Senior Living increase our website conversions by over 200%. The Navigator helps our customers convert into our sales funnel in a way that is comfortable for them and meets them wherever they are in the sales journey. The data flows directly to our CRM so we can look at our success metrics. The Waypoint team is responsive and is great to work with. Maplewood Senior Living
I was ready to sell them my firstborn at our first meeting, and working with them has not taken that off the table. The team at Waypoint is amazing, knowledgeable, and SO easy to work with Arrow Senior Living

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Websites utilizing the Waypoint Navigator and ProForms have been proven to generate five times more leads than traditional website forms.

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