Waypoint Lifestyle Survey

Lifestyle Surveys gather lifestyle information, including customer preferences and needs, empowering your sales teams to personalize the sales journey. You can also use these surveys for pre-tour interactions or gather feedback post-tour.

  • Holistic Engagement: Waypoint’s Lifestyle Survey integrates visuals like pictures, testimonials, and educational snippets, allowing you to showcase your brand while visitors engage with your content. This ensures a compelling experience at every stage of their interaction with your brand. 
  • Efficient Sales Personalization: Data capture is crucial for personalizing sales, especially in complex industries like senior living. By understanding customers’ preferences and needs, your company will stand out and drive the sales process more efficiently.
  • Enhanced Lead Quality and Conversion Rates: Completing the lifestyle survey often results in higher-quality leads, as customers are more inclined to share detailed information about their needs. This leads to more effective discovery and more meaningful initial conversations, ultimately improving conversion rates.

“You have created a tool that helps our sales team have valuable conversations with people looking for senior living.”

Liberty Senior living

  • Higher Quality Leads
  • 8 to 10% lead to close conversion
  • 13 to 15 data points for personalization