Waypoint Analytics Dashboard

The Waypoint Analytics dashboard empowers marketers to track the performance of our Navigator and ProForms, enabling data-driven decision-making for future improvements and strategies.

  • Our Navigator Clicks Report provides valuable insights into your website visitors’ behaviors. Discover which calls-to-action (CTAs) and content attract the most engagement. This will empower you to fine-tune your digital marketing strategy and create compelling content that resonates with your audience. By leveraging these insights, you can optimize user experiences, boost conversions, and drive meaningful results for your business.
  • Explore the potential of Waypoint ProForms with our Proform Performance Report. Get insights on top-performing ProForms for better lead generation and data collection strategies. Enhance form performance, improve user experiences, and drive higher conversions for business growth and success.
  • Unlock the potential of your forms with our ProForm Leads Report. Identify precisely where prospects drop off within your forms, including specific questions and corresponding percentages. Utilize these detailed insights to enhance your forms, optimize user experiences, and maximize your return on investment. By leveraging these reports, you can make data-driven improvements that drive higher conversions and boost the effectiveness of your lead-generation efforts.

“You engage my website visitors and solve my problem of consumers leaving my website, and you give insights to my salespeople, taking the mystery out of the first call.”

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