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Meet Our Suite of Waypoint Digital Products

Waypoints’ lead capture and prospect engagement tools are a must-have for companies that serve older adults and their families. Build customized experiences to help your customers find the content they need and choose a path best suited to them.

The Navigator combines forms, live chat, virtual tour solutions, scheduling tools, and assessments into a user-friendly interactive tool, allowing visitors to interact, self-serve, and convert in their preferred way.

ProForms are designed to gather potential customer information and can be tailored to reflect your website’s unique look and feel. They enable you to arrange tours or meetings, access downloadable content, or collect essential lead details efficiently, then seamlessly transfer this data to your preferred CRM or marketing automation tool.

Lifestyle Surveys gather lifestyle information, including customer preferences and needs, empowering your sales teams to personalize the sales journey. You can also use these surveys for pre-tour interactions or gather feedback post-tour.

Live Chat offers real-time communication options, providing immediate assistance and support for your website visitors. Its benefits include quicker personalized interactions, increased customer satisfaction, and the ability to capture leads and gather valuable feedback.

The Senior Living Cost Calculator illuminates the benefits of senior living, helping consumers appreciate its value while accurately estimating expenses, comparing options, and facilitating informed care decisions.

The Waypoint Analytics dashboard empowers marketers to track the performance of our ProForms and Navigator, enabling data-driven decision-making for future improvements and strategies.