Senior Living Cost Calculator

The Senior Living Cost Calculator illuminates the benefits of senior living, helping consumers appreciate its value while accurately estimating expenses, comparing options, and facilitating informed decisions.

  • Empower sales pros and prospects with meaningful discussions through The Senior Living Cost Calculator, revealing the total value of senior living from tangible to intangible benefits.
  • The Waypoint Cost Calculator is accessible through the Navigator or as an iframe on your web page. Add your brand colors and logo. This versatile tool provides comprehensive cost analysis for informed decision-making, boosting conversions and streamlining lead generation efforts.
  • Coming Soon! Our New ProForm Cost Calculator. Waypoint Cost Calculator, can seamlessly integrate into the Navigator. Easily embed it behind buttons, text, or iframes on your web pages. This customizable and branded tool empowers you to offer interactive cost calculations, enhancing user engagement and driving conversions. 

“Meet consumers where they are in the sales journey by offering them both self-serve and full-serve options. So those exploring can do so while those with specific questions or need immediate attention can get it.”

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