Senior Living

An outstanding community with great services and amenities is just the beginning. Senior Living providers must cultivate relationships with prospects to reach their occupancy and revenue goals.

Build trust and rapport with your website’s visitors–it’s the difference between them moving in…or moving on!

Waypoint’s Navigator solution curates an engaging, reassuring, and informative experience when seniors and families visit your site. 

With a warm “digital welcome” like this, it’s no surprise that sites using Navigator convert visitors into occupants 5x better than sites with traditional webforms.

Active Adult

More and more retirees are opting for the convenient lifestyle of Active Adult communities. 

These folks are busy living out their retirement dream–they don’t want to spend endless hours clicking through websites to get the information they need. 

Streamline their search and get to the point with Waypoint.

Home Care

For some seniors, there really is no place like home. The questions and concerns they have about their care are just as urgent as for seniors looking to move into a dedicated community. 

With Waypoint, home health care providers can gain the edge that comes with setting seniors’ and their families’ minds at ease with a seamless, welcoming, and helpful experience when they visit your website.

Waypoint provides a head start to becoming known, liked, trusted….and welcomed, into your clients’ homes.

Staffing Solutions

It’s impossible for any business to grow and thrive with staffing turnover up to 80%.

Make it simple and easy for the best caregiving professionals to engage with your organization by using Waypoint to capture job applicants quickly and effectively. Speed to lead – beat your competition to those top candidates.

For sustainable success, you need to attract the best staff. Waypoint helps you build your dream team.