The days of Grandma not knowing how to turn on the computer are over—today’s senior market is more tech-savvy than ever. As per PEW Internet Research, 75% of adults 65 and older report being internet users–and that number jumps to 96% for the 50-64-year-old cohort.

Especially in the wake of the COVID pandemic, more and more seniors and their families are turning to online research to begin exploring their senior living choices. 

Older adults are like any other consumer today in that they want to drive their own experiences. This self-direction can often include using technology as their main vehicle for exploration. If you operate in marketing and sales in the senior living sector, you need to reach your prospects on their terms. This means offering a technological interface that is informative, helpful, and easy to use without being condescending. 

Senior Living providers’ websites must offer ways for this segment of potential customers to self-serve and move through the sales process in a way that meets them where they are in their search journey. The key is to help them get what they need quickly and in a comfortable way. Do you offer multiple calls to action and options for older adults to engage with your brand and enter your sales process? If you don’t, your competition will. Older adults are researching and looking for what comes next–they may be engaging with your website months or even years ahead of a potential move to senior living.

Discover the Waypoint Navigator

One outstanding way to personalize and customize your engagement with your senior living prospects is with Waypoint’s Navigator tool. 

Navigator engages with your website’s visitors in real-time, with a user-friendly interface for the tech-savvy and un-savvy alike. Navigator provides relevant information, helps qualify leads, and gathers feedback for follow-up by asking simple questions and providing surveys, giving you valuable insights into what your prospects are looking for. Insights that help you and your team guide them from leads to prospects, to residents! 

To learn more about how Waypoint can help you make the most of your senior living community’s digital real estate, contact us today!