This is part two in a three-part series on the Top 30 Tips for building relationships with prospects in senior living sales.  Without further ado, here is part 2.

I was recently asked, “What is a salesperson’s job?”  This question really got me to think.  I responded that a salesperson’s job at its core is to help a prospect decide on whether they will buy or not buy a product or a service. The goal is to really help them through the process of making that decision.  

30 Tips for Building Relationships with Prospects in Senior Living Sales - Part 2

Here are the 11-20 ways that your senior living sales teams can build trust and rapport with potential prospects:

11. Law of Reciprocity: Supply potential prospects with valuable information, guides, or any type of small gift. In most cases, people appreciate the extra effort. 

12. Mirror & Match:  Research shows that copying other people’s body language, mannerisms, and repeating their words helps build trust and establishes rapport.

13. Talk in Stories: If you share information and content in stories, it makes the information a lot more easy to understand and relate to.

14. References: Maintain your relationships with the resident or family. They can provide great referrals to help build trust and credibility.

15. Personalize Conversations: When following up with prospects, recall something specific from a previous conversation such as a pet or grandchild’s name or an activity they had planned to do.

16. Smile: Smiles build rapport instantly and can even be felt in a phone conversation.

17. Processes: Describing what your sales and the move-in process look like, so a prospect knows what to expect is critical. It also established credibility and confidence that they are in good hands.

18. Confidence: Speak strongly and maintain eye contact.

19. Super Knowledgeable: Community sales professionals should have a working knowledge of not only the community but also the other services clients will use such as downsizing, relocation information, pet services, etc.

20. Community Visits/Tours: Be there early. Take time to prepare. Customize the visit or tour to the person based on your discovery. Use that time to learn more about the customer’s top needs and wants.

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