Leads, leads, leads–your senior living sales team can never get enough of them, right?  Unless….“The leads are weak!” There is such a thing as too many leads. If the prospects coming into your sales pipeline are a poor fit for your senior living community, they: In senior living sales, a quality lead is a prospective […]

For many senior living communities, great help can be hard to find–especially in the post-pandemic environment. It is no secret that the senior living industry is experiencing an acute, long-term staffing shortage. To address this issue, Senior Living Marketing and HR Executives, along with their Digital Marketing agencies, are working together to create strategies to […]

Personalizing the shopping experience for older adults and their families as they search for a senior living community is critical for your community’s success. A recent study featured in a report by Waypoint (formerly AgingChoices) revealed that 92% of consumers and prospects expect a personalized experience. With a costly and complex purchase like senior living, […]

The senior living buyer persona has undergone significant changes in recent years. There has been a measurable shift in who is looking for senior living and why.  Today, the majority of consumers evaluating senior housing and care options are aging adults looking for themselves. At AgingChoices.com, older adults account for over 60% of engagement. These […]