Personalizing the shopping experience for older adults and their families as they search for a senior living community is critical for your community’s success. A recent study featured in a report by Waypoint (formerly AgingChoices) revealed that 92% of consumers and prospects expect a personalized experience. With a costly and complex purchase like senior living, consumers want to feel confident that their choice will fit their lifestyle as well as their budget.

Your marketing funnel needs to be designed with the complete experience in mind, from the first contact to moving into an apartment. Every step along this journey can be managed using virtual tools including online documentation, pre-assessments, digital signage and streamlined admission and onboarding processes.

Data plays a key role in personalizing seniors’ experience as they move through the process of researching, learning and making decisions about senior living. Questions such as, “Can I picture myself living there?” or “Will this match my lifestyle?” must be answered in ways that engage the prospect. 

Demographic, lifestyle, intent, and financial data enable marketers to deliver a bespoke shopping experience for each prospect. A high level of personalization is essential, as older adults expect an individually tailored experience that leverages the data they share.

Gathering the right data directly from the prospect allows marketers to offer a curated experience that engages the prospect with relevant information from start to finish, including personalized programs, custom living options and various pricing models. 

Waypoint (formerly AgingChoices) surveyed 1,700 older adults on what senior living prospects want and found that they are willing to share more information during the sales process if it can help them find a community that offers a personalized experience.

WIth so much at stake, technology plays a key role in how that information is collected and used in the process. 

Imagine if your site had a tool that could take online visitors by the hand and lead them on a guided, informative, reassuring journey, answering questions, assuaging doubts, and most importantly capturing leads and converting website visitors into prospects. 

By engaging with visitors in real-time and providing relevant information Waypoint’s Navigator and Lifestyle Quiz tool helps qualify leads and gather contact information for follow-up. Navigator handles routine inquiries and helps to reduce staff workload and improve efficiency. And Navigator gathers feedback from website visitors by asking simple questions and providing surveys, giving you valuable insights into the needs and preferences of your audience. 

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