Businesses today are competing in the attention economy, where attention has become a scarce resource and engaging content that captures and holds potential customers’ attention is highly valued.  For senior living businesses, the attention economy has had a significant impact on the way they market their services. A dull, static website is no longer enough […]

Legendary management guru Peter Drucker once famously said, “What gets measured gets improved.” In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of online marketing, staying on top of your website chatbot’s performance and the quality of the user experience can make the difference between your senior living community thriving at full occupancy, or languishing with empty rooms. Five […]

Streamline your sales and marketing processes, improve data accuracy, and enhance the experience for your prospects by integrating your assisted living sales CRM with the other technology your senior living community uses. To begin, identify which systems you need to integrate with your CRM. The most likely candidates are your website, email marketing platform, marketing […]