Personalizing the shopping experience for older adults and their families as they search for a senior living community is critical for your community’s success. A recent study featured in a report by Waypoint (formerly AgingChoices) revealed that 92% of consumers and prospects expect a personalized experience. With a costly and complex purchase like senior living, […]

I was recently asked, “What is a salesperson’s job?” This question really got me to think. I responded that a salesperson’s job at its core, is to help a prospect decide on whether they will buy or not buy a product or a service. The goal is to really help them through the process of making that decision.

Here are the 11-20 ways that your senior living sales teams can build trust and rapport with potential prospects:

The activities that a senior living sales professional engages in (such as pre-call/tour planning, discovery, tours/virtual tours, follow up, and closing the sale) are done for the purpose of more capably influencing prospects. This is critical. Otherwise, people would just sign up via your website! Right? Bottom line is that basic information alone will not move a new resident in.

What IS critical is how that information is given to your prospective residents and families. What moves people is not merely information, but how that information is presented. Hence why you have sales professionals. Each consumer has different buying criteria and it is important that your sales professionals use a personalized approach to this process.

Here are the first 10 ways that your senior living sales teams can build trust and rapport with potential prospects:

Does this scenario apply to you? You are a senior living provider and you are using stock photos, most likely the same as all of your competitors.

Do these pictures look familiar?

It’s time that you reach out to a local photographer, get your residents written permission, and start taking pictures of them living in your community and doing the activities that you offer and they love.