Does this scenario apply to you? You are a senior living provider and you are using stock photos, most likely the same as all of your competitors.

Do these pictures look familiar?

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Adobe Stock.

It’s time that you reach out to a local photographer, get your residents written permission, and start taking pictures of them living in your community and doing the activities that you offer and they love.

Prospects want to visualize themselves living in your community and want to know who they will be living near. It’s time to show them what your community has to offer, what activities they will be doing, who they will be spending time with, and most importantly what kind of food they will be eating.

Actions To Take Right Now:

  1. Search for a local photographer with experience. Post in your local Facebook groups and ask for recommendations.  You can contact a local college if you are on a tight budget, as they have photography students looking for projects to gain experience.
  2. Ask your residents if they are interested in having their pictures taken and be sure to get releases signed, so you can use the images in your marketing materials and website.
  3. Take professional pictures of your community, your dining and common areas, your activities area, and most importantly, your residents engaging in these activities.  
  4. Add your photos to your website and on your social channels.

Telling A Story & Creating An Experience

You want to create and share an experience on your community website. Become a storyteller and tell the story of what living in your community is really like.  That’s how you become different than your competitors, especially if you are similar features, amenities, and price points. 

Investing a few dollars in professional photography will make a difference. Keep taking pictures throughout the year, as seasons change. You don’t have to revamp your website, just keep rotating your community images based upon the season.

Your greatest assets are your residents, your greatest referral sources are your residents.  Everything you do is for your residents, so show the world what your community offers. Take videos, take professional pictures, and show what your community experience is truly like.

What’s Next?

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When you have taken some new photos, upload them to your AgingChoices Provider Profile, so our consumers can really see how great your community is.