The legendary management theorist Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured gets improved.” The trick is to understand the value of data, measure the right things and then make sense of it all to iterate and improve going forward.

In senior living sales, we measure hard numbers like website visitors, number of tours booked, or inquiries→tours→conversions, but many factors that influence older adults’ decision to move into your community are subjective in nature, and can’t be measured with numbers.

Practical considerations play an important role, but ultimately the choice of a senior living community is an emotional decision for older adults and their families that often plays out over an extended period of time.

Post-tour surveys are a valuable tool for senior living sales because they provide insights into the experience and preferences of potential residents and their families—things that can’t be measured easily with numbers. Here are four ways that post-tour surveys can help your senior living sales team succeed:

Identify Areas for Improvement

Post-tour surveys help identify areas where your community can improve its offerings, amenities, and services. Use this feedback to make changes that will make the community more attractive to potential residents and their families. For example:

Results from a survey question that asks, what was your impression of our senior living lifestyle?

Understand Your Prospects

By asking questions about the tour experience, post-tour surveys help sales teams understand the preferences and priorities of your visitors. For instance, if many respondents mention the importance of a certain amenity, such as a fitness center, the sales team can emphasize this feature in their marketing and outreach. Example:

Results from a survey question that asks how satisfied where you with your visit?

Qualify Prospects

Post-tour surveys help you gauge the level of interest of potential residents and their families. By asking questions about the likelihood of choosing the community, the sales team can prioritize follow-up efforts and focus their resources on those most likely to become residents. Example:

Results from a survey question that asks could you see yourself or a loved one living here?

Build Relationships

By soliciting feedback and responding to it, post-tour surveys help build relationships by establishing a give-and-take between your sales teams and your potential residents. This helps establish trust and confidence in your community and makes it more likely that the prospects will choose to move in. Example:

Results from a survey question that asks do you have a clear understanding of our pricing and what it includes.

Overall, post-tour surveys are an effective tool for senior living sales teams to improve their offerings, understand their target audience, and build relationships with potential residents and their families.

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